Sport Events Great events are often foreshadowed.

Sport is a matter of our heart with emotions and passion. We offer full service for Sport Events, Sport Shows and the Hospitality of Sport Teams. 


On our Sports tours to India we dip into another, an exotic world. Here we combine Yoga courses and traditional Indian spots with relaxing Ayurveda practises.


Great events are often foreshadowed. We offer also special travel packages for sporting events. With our partners in the respective countries we take care of teams, sponsors and travel groups and create special programs so that guests enjoy sporting events fully

Training Camps

GTC is also Full-Service-Provider for professional Training Camps. Not only in Spain , Portugal or Turkey we offer carefully selected hotels and training facilities with considerable experiences in the handling of football teams and their specific requirements. We offer both summer and winter training camps and can also organize friendly matches against local or international profi teams.

Our team arrange even the smallest details locally all location events... from first to last minute... also in added time!

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